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4 oz. Purely Hydrating Rinse Off Oil


Product Code: PMQ-40000


Puppy McQueen products are created specifically for your pet; with safety & efficacy being first and foremost in our minds. Made only with the best ingredients.

Our Hydrating Rinse Off Oil is the only rinse off oil that was formulated with the ideal balance of Essential Fatty Acids to rebuild your dog's skin. It also works immediately; moisturizing your pets skin and coat without leaving any residue behind. The product is designed to soothe severely dry and irritated skin, nose and paws.

Use on itchy, dryspots or hotspots with your regular shampoo to instantly condition and reduce dryness. Perfect for hairless dog breeds, shaved or styled dogs. Oil functions as an invisible barrier against the elements when fido's walking or running around outside. 




Rich in omega 3, 6, 9 and Vitamin E. Puppy McQueen Hydrating Rinse-Off Oil was created to reduce HOTSPOTS, DRY SKIN, OILY COAT or skin, shedding and flaky skin Formulated without any harmful ingredients Free from Toxic Chemicals.
  • Rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9 fortified with vitamin E
  • Made with 100% Natural Oils 
  • No oil stains or greasy residue
  • Glycerin-free, Alcohol-free, Paraben-free, Formaldehyde-free, Sulfate-free and Phthalate-free
For external use only. IF any unusual conditions occur, Discontinue use  and consult a veterinarian. 


Use in bath or apply the oil directly onto their coat after shampoo. Massage into the skin focusing on dry spots. Rinse off, dry and brush as usual. You will notice the difference immediately upon rinsing. 

When used with a shampoo,  massage the oil & shampoo mixture into their skin or coat and lather up as usual. The shampoo mix will be an ultra hydrating shampoo. Rinse off, dry and brush. The effect will be seen instantly and the product will rebuild your dogs barrier function over time. 

Massage the oil all over their skin/coat and then rinse the oil off with water. The oil rinses off completely leaving the coat and skin instantly moisturized. No need for heavy conditioners, creams or lotions. Brush & dry as usual. Use during bath for instant hydration. Apply the oil to needed areas massage and use a wet wipe or wet towel to wipe oil off.  

Prepare a milk bath! Pour about 35mL of oil into a warm bath and mix the oil and the water until milky white color. And let your dog rest in bath for a moisturizing and healing effect. 



Very good
Stella Jul 20, 2018
Got this as a gift for my dog. Was surprised how good it is. Worked well even on my hands. My maltese has very itchy and dry skin, and she scratches all the time. The hair does not grow as well, we tried skipping baths and shampoo but didn't have anything to use. The groomer recommended an oil but I didn't want her licking it. The instructions were okay but I didn't know how much to put on, so I just used a few (maybe 5 or 6 sprays) pumps and massaged it on. I sprayed water on her, and it turned into milk-like lotion that rinses very easily with no foam or bubbles. It feels great on my skin, I saw a difference on her attitude and she was itching less. I am on the 3rd month of use, she bathes once a month but in the summer months, we try to bathe her more. I want to try the deodorizing spray, maybe we can skip baths for longer if it does not dry out her skin.
Works great!
Patty Mar 4, 2017
To be honest I was skeptical and did not believe the claims. I decided to buy coz I would return if it dint work for me. my dog Max is a mixed breed(part lab part shepherd) and has had excessive itching that has bothered him since he was a puppy. I thought it was the food and I switched brands and even tried cooking for him. He has had hotspots forever and itches all over. We had oatmeal baths and shampoo with oatmeal and all the calming stuff and NOTHING WORKED. I was trying a new shampoo when I saw this in Garden state mall when they had a stall. Seller told me they would take it back if it didn't work I bought the bottle and thought It was a little pricey but i wanted to try since I saw the dryness of my hand disappear immediately! Istarted using it the very day and It WORKED!I put a enough oil to coat Max And put the rest in the shampoo. His itch is gone and I am a returning customer and have started using it on me. I noticed my hands got softer and the eczema in between my fingers started going away. I buy for both of us now. This works better than my hand lotion and its not greasy at all. I use it after wash or with the soap and I'm good to go.smells okay like lavender but I like the dark prince scent best
Cured my dogs excessive shedding and itching
NIKKI Aug 31, 2015
Hubby and I have a little dachshund and he gets a bath twice a month, and almost every week in the summer. He developed plenty of dry spots and itched a lot on his belly, behind the ear and around the butt. We thought it was everything from allergies from food or the water that he drank. We saw this oil being shown at the mall in Jersey and the sales person said that it worked on hotspots and all. We tried it, and noticed a difference in our skin immediately, so we decided to use it and promised to come back if we had issues. We used it on our Toto during baths after shampoo or sometimes with the shampoo, we put about ten drops in the shampoo and rinsed. We noticed it immediately helped, he stopped itching as much, and after a couple of weeks, the itching was gone, some spots are still there but when we apply more product, it goes away. Smells great, too.
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