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Full line of Grooming Products for Groomers and pet parents alike


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  1. 16 oz Performance Body Spray


    Puppy McQueen’s Body Spray is packaged is an elegant bottle that is the perfect size for traveling. Your posh pet might be with you on the go to the beach or on the plane going to your vacation spot. Slide it in your pocketbook or travel bag, and go. 

    Available in four unique scents designed to dissipate so as not to interfere with your four legged friend's sharp sense of smell.


    The Royal is our signature scent that was inspired by the timeless and elegant scent of lavender. An aromatic floral note that is both pleasant and soothing to pets and humans alike.


    The Dark Prince is an aromatic nuance that is provocative and addictive to the senses. Dark floral intertwined with a note of the exotic.


    The Marquis carries the invigorating scent of the carefree. A classic blend of scents in playful harmony such as sea water and candy.


    The Empress was inspired by the exotic sweetness of vanilla. The scent for the well-heeled, frequent traveler. Light, yet warm and woodsy.


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  2. 1oz. Bottle Water-Based Sealant and Paw Protectant


    Puppy McQueen's Water-Based Sealant is a safe way to seal-in Puppy McQueen's Water-Based Color.  Alternatively, it can be used as a temporary Paw Protector to be used before walks or hikes to help prevent cuts and scrapes.  It provides just enough water- resistance to prevent smearing, and color-transfer when dried. The sealant is not permanent and will wash off with soap and water. Formulated with no harmful ingredients, it is ammonia-free, alcohol-free, sulfate –free & paraben-free.

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  3. 4 oz. Purely Hydrating Rinse Off Oil


    Puppy McQueen products are created specifically for your pet; with safety & efficacy being first and foremost in our minds. Made only with the best ingredients.

    Our Hydrating Rinse Off Oil is the only rinse off oil that was formulated with the ideal balance of Essential Fatty Acids to rebuild your dog's skin. It also works immediately; moisturizing your pets skin and coat without leaving any residue behind. The product is designed to soothe severely dry and irritated skin, nose and paws.

    Use on itchy, dryspots or hotspots with your regular shampoo to instantly condition and reduce dryness. Perfect for hairless dog breeds, shaved or styled dogs. Oil functions as an invisible barrier against the elements when fido's walking or running around outside. 


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  4. 4 oz. Water-Based Colorant


    We love to bring innovative products to the market, this is why we came up with Puppy McQueen®’s Water-based Color. It is the first two-step temporary colorant of its kind in the market! Specifically made with non-toxic ingredients so you can add a bit of whimsy in fido’s coat without feeling guilty. Currently in the market, there are colors that are formulated with oxidizers, other harmful ingredients and chemicals including ethanol. Our product, as always, is made without parabens, pthalate-free, sulfate-free, ammonia-free and formulated with non-toxic materials.


    Color, Seal & Dry.

    • Spray the color onto the coat or desired area, dab excess colorant (if you sprayed too much). 
    • Spray Puppy McQueen®’s Sealant on top of the color. Make sure the area where you put the color on is fully covered. The sealant prevents color-transfer. 
    • Use a hair dryer or let air dry. 
    • Repeat as desired!
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  5. Foaming Waterless Shampoo


    Puppy McQueen products were created to offer pet parents products that are designed for their pets. From idea to finished formula, these products were conceptualized for dogs and formulated from scratch. Our Waterless Shampoo also known as the Rinse-less Shampoo is water-based and non-toxic. It eliminates odors, moisturizes the skin and helps reduce shedding. It is alcohol-free, paraben-free and sulfate-free. Designed with a hint of fragrance that is pleasant to both pet and owner.

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  6. Palette of Water Colors (7 x 1 oz bottles)


    Puppy McQueen®’s Water-based Color is the first two-step temporary colorant of its kind in the market!

    Valued at $70 retail, we have a special online price of $55 for the full set of 6 colors with one sealant. 

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  7. Three Piece Travel Set (3 x 1oz travel sized bottles)


    Gift set with all three products that you need on-the-go, while traveling, in between baths or grooming visits. A perfect gift for your best friend or a starter kit for a new pet parent! 

    You get the pet body spray, waterless shampoo & hydrating rinse off oil in one set. The full set is valued at $60.00 retail, special price for our website is $50 per set. That's getting three products for the price of 2. 

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