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4 oz. Water-Based Colorant


Product Code: PMQ-6000G

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We love to bring innovative products to the market, this is why we came up with Puppy McQueen®’s Water-based Color. It is the first two-step temporary colorant of its kind in the market! Specifically made with non-toxic ingredients so you can add a bit of whimsy in fido’s coat without feeling guilty. Currently in the market, there are colors that are formulated with oxidizers, other harmful ingredients and chemicals including ethanol. Our product, as always, is made without parabens, pthalate-free, sulfate-free, ammonia-free and formulated with non-toxic materials.


Color, Seal & Dry.

  • Spray the color onto the coat or desired area, dab excess colorant (if you sprayed too much). 

  • Spray Puppy McQueen®’s Sealant on top of the color. Make sure the area where you put the color on is fully covered. The sealant prevents color-transfer. 

  • Use a hair dryer or let air dry. 

  • Repeat as desired!


Some things to keep in mind...

The colorant is water-based, if it is in contact with water, you will see color-transfer or color-bleeding.

If you do not use the Sealant, the color will transfer. These are water-based colorants, so make sure you use the sealant and allow it to dry to avoid color transfer.

Do not use in your dog’s eyes, nose, mouth or other orifices (their privates). These are formulated for external use only i.e. their hair and coat only. 

It is temporary so two or three baths will get rid of all the colors. Some colors may stain the fur but this fades over time. 



 What if I make a mistake?

You cannot over-do it but it depends on the color intensity you’d like to achieve. Our water-based colorants are made to accommodate mistakes. If you’re not happy with the color, simply get some water in a spray bottle, spray on top of the color & dab off. Easy.

If you placed the Sealant on top of the Colorant, then you have to make sure the sealant is saturated with water, to take off. What does this mean? Simple. Get some tap water in a spray bottle, spray it onto the dried color area, make sure it becomes thoroughly wet and then dab off with a paper towel or rag.  Repeat until the color comes off or fades to the desired color intensity.


What if I want to take the color off immediately?

These temporary colors can last up to 4 baths. The best way to remove the color is simply to give your puppy a bath and rinse with your regular shampoo to take the color off. You may have to repeat the shampoo process depending on how much color you put.


My dog is white, now her hair is blue/pink/purple/green/orange/red! What do I do?

The colors are made with temporary dyes, the residual color will fade in a week or two with the sun. If you still have streaks, at your dog’s next scheduled bath or grooming, do an extra shampoo and rinse. This should take the colors off.

 My dog is black. The colorants do not work on her/him.

Your dog’s hair color comes from the pigment, melanin. It is genetically determined by your dog’s breed and is not easy to alter without damaging cells. We are sorry we have not found any alternative oxidizing agent that is safe for use and easy to apply for dark haired dogs. Bleaching is the only way to get rid of the natural dark pigment of the dog’s hair. Think of a brunette going blonde-- this requires double processing sometimes and the use of ammonia or other oxidizing agents. We're not using any of these, so our colors are suitable for lighter base color.

However, we’re in development for a different colorant that is safe for use and will show even on dark haired pups. Please check out our website for future updates!

Lovely colors really temporary
Marissa Jul 10, 2017
These colors are pretty! I bought them on amazon and i love the purple, pink and green most of all. Blue faded fast (about 3 days) but i didnt need to put on the sealant as i sprayed and let them dry . If you layer the colora they become more intense and you can blend too! I removed streaks with a wet wipe(i had baby wipes). Took off the colors after one bath (baby shampoo). My dog had to get multiple coats but thats the drawback of waterbased. I wish they would come up with a fast drying one as well.
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