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16 oz Performance Body Spray


Product Code: PMQ-10000

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Puppy McQueen’s Body Spray is packaged is an elegant bottle that is the perfect size for traveling. Your posh pet might be with you on the go to the beach or on the plane going to your vacation spot. Slide it in your pocketbook or travel bag, and go. 

Available in four unique scents designed to dissipate so as not to interfere with your four legged friend's sharp sense of smell.


The Royal is our signature scent that was inspired by the timeless and elegant scent of lavender. An aromatic floral note that is both pleasant and soothing to pets and humans alike.


The Dark Prince is an aromatic nuance that is provocative and addictive to the senses. Dark floral intertwined with a note of the exotic.


The Marquis carries the invigorating scent of the carefree. A classic blend of scents in playful harmony such as sea water and candy.


The Empress was inspired by the exotic sweetness of vanilla. The scent for the well-heeled, frequent traveler. Light, yet warm and woodsy.


Puppy McQueen’s  Signature Product, the Pet Body Spray took three years to develop and perfect. It consists of only the best ingredients and works for dogs and cats. 
  • The first body spray specifically formulated for pets that doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients
  • No Alcohol, No parabens, No formaldehyde, No sulfates, No phthalates
  • Eliminates odors
  • Moisturizes both the hair or fur and the skin under your pets coat
  • Helps reduce shedding
Hillary Jun 6, 2014
This is the best pet product i found by far.
lorinda Jun 5, 2014
Love this product. Smells great on Pom and it's alcohol free.
Joe Jun 5, 2014
I absolutely love this product. Its lavender scent is very pleasant and the product is great in between baths when I don't have time to bath my German shaperd. I don't spray the product directly on, I apply it onto my hands and then massage the product into his coat. Let me tell you there is no odor on my 8 year old shepherd after the product is applied for a few days. I love that there is no alcohol in the product. The product moisturizes my hands aswell. I love it XOXO.
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